“Clamp-on” or “Cable clamp” Current Sensors are sensors that are used for measuring AC or DC currents. They are particularly useful for measuring currents flowing in a cable wire in a non-intrusive way.


The type such as the Clamp-On CC-5-100 in the picture below, is particularly suitable for direct use as it can be clipped straight on to a wire going into the electrical load without having to do any high voltage electrical work. The current sensor consists of a Melexis Hall Sensor ( MLX91206 or MLX91208) and a patented ferromagnetic structure packaged in a robust plastic housing.

This non-invasive current sensor (also known as a “split core” or “cable clamp”) can be clamped around the supply line of any electrical load to tell you how much current is passing through it. It monitors the magnetic field around a current-carrying conductor and outputs a voltage proportional to the current.

This particular current sensor will measure a load from 10 to 120 Amps (rms) which makes it great for building your own energy monitor to keep your power usage down, or even building an over-current protection device for an AC load.


  • AC and DC current measuring
  • Motor control, over-current protection or DC Battery current monitoring
  • Solar power junction boxes, smart junction boxes, lighting equipment, air compressor, water pumps


Parameter Value
Input Current 0 – 120A AC rms / or Input = 0 – ±160ADC
Programmable current range ±10 – ±120A rms
Output Mode 0.5 – 4.5V ( Vout = 2.5V +/-2V)
Non-linearity < ±1%
Work Temperature -25°C ~ ﹢105°C
Open Size cable wire diameter = 5 mm