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Dual Range Current Sensor with Analog Output

The DR-10S-A is a dual range current Sensor for safety critical application, offering two independent analog outputs. Thanks to the non-intrusive clamp-on design, the sensor can be easily installed without requiring any disconnection, which makes it ideal for retrofit installations in industrial, IoT and metering applications. Furthermore, a broad dynamic range of currents can be measured and no calibration is required by the customer.


Supplied with a DC voltage of 5V or 10V, the module provides a linear analog output voltage between 0.5V and 4.5V or 1V to 9V as a function of the primary input current. Thanks to its properties, DR-10S-A offers an excellent linearity error, below 0.5 %FS. Thanks to the integrated Melexis IMC-Hall® current sensor, the sensor module provides excellent offset as low as ±5m̃V and sensitivity drift of 1 % over full temperature range.

The module has a dual range output. Each Hall-Sensor will generate a signal, depending on the current range maximium.



• Input Voltage: 5 VDC or 10 VDC
• Hall-Sensor Measurement
• Temperature Range: 10° to 85°C
• Low Offset Drift <5 mV
• Low Sensitivity drift <1 %
• DC and AC up to 30kHz



• Snap-Fit installation
• Non intrusive sensing
• Small Size, Lightweight
• Excellent output linearity
• Dual Range Signal Output



• Industrial
• E-metering
• E-mobility
• Photovoltaic
• Redundant measurements
• Battery management system


Module Overview

Module Overview

Ordering Information

MDC-DR-10S-A(Product) XXX(Option Code)

Option Codes ⇒ Current Range. Current Range defines the peak current value.

Product Option Code Typical Sensitivity Current Range
MDC-DR-10S-A 250_101 80.00 / 20.00 mV/A ±25 / ±100 A
MDC-DR-10S-A 500_201 40.00 / 10.00 mV/A ±50 / ±200 A

Contact maglab AG / PML India for a different sensitivity requirement


Absolute Maximum Ratings

Non operating conditions

Parameter Symbol Value Unit
Positive Supply Voltage VDD +10 V
Reverse Supply Voltage VDDREV -0.3 V
Positive Output Voltage VOUT +10 V
Reverse Output Voltage VOUTREV -0.3 V
Output Current IOUT ±50 mA
Reverse Output Current IOUTREV -50 mA
Ambient Temp. TA 0 to +105 °C

IMPORTANT: exceeding the absolute maximum ratings may cause permanent damage to the sensor module. Exposure to absolute maximum-rated conditions for extended periods of time may affect sensor module reliability.




General Electrical Specification

Operating Parameters TA = +10 to +85 ◦C, VDD = 5V±10%, unless otherwise specified.

Table 2: Absolute Maximum Ratings

Parameter Symbol Condition Min. Typ. Max. Unit
Nominal Supply
VDD 4.5      5      5.5 V
Supply Current IDD No output load 18     25     30 mA
Output Resistive
RL For high linearity 10      25    200
Linear Output
VOUTLIN RL ≥ 10kΩ 10                  90 %VDD
Broken GND Ouptut
RL ≥ 10kΩ, VDD = 5V  96               100 %VDD
Broken VDD Ouptut
RL ≥ 10kΩ, VDD = 5V 0                   4 %VDD
Primary Current IPN RL ≥ 10kΩ, VDD = 5V 10                 250 Apk
Output Quiescent
VOQ RL ≥ 10kΩ, VDD = 5V 50 %VDD


Analog Output Specification

Operating Parameters TA = +10 to +85 ◦C, VDD = 5V±10%, unless otherwise specified.

Table 3: Accuracy specification

Parameter Symbol Condition Min. Typ. Max. Unit
Thermal Offset Drift TVOQ ±5 mV
Thermal Sens. Drift TS ±1 %S
RMS Output Noise NRMS 8 mVRMS
VOQ Ratiometry RVOQ VDD = 5V ±5% ±0.4 %VOQ
Sensitivity Ratiometry RS VDD = 5V ±5% ±0.4 %VOQ


Timing and Frequency Specification

Operating Parameters TA = +10 to +85 ◦C, VDD = 5V±10%, unless otherwise specified.

Table 4: Timing specification

Parameter Symbol Condition Min. Typ. Max. Unit
Refresh Rate TRR 1 μs
Step Response Time TR Delay time to 90% of IPN               2            3 μs
Bandwidth BW 30 kHz




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