We provide the following services

  • Magnetic Component Design
  • Analysis and System Optimization
  • Prototyping and Measurements

Design of Magnetic Components and Magnetic Systems

We design and manufacture ferromagnetic components as Shields and Cores. Ferro-Magnetic Components have to be optimized regarding Material, Geometry and Environment. Typical applications include contact-less current and position sensing. We provide the optimal component for your dedicated application.

Engineering Support – System Optimization and FEM Simulation

We analyze and optimize your magnetic sensor system by means of FEM modeling. We meet demands of compact system design, optimum material choice (performance vs. cost) and other aspects as thermal power dissipation and high frequency behavior. Based on our expertise and networking w/ partners we provide effective and efficient solutions.

Small simulation packages such as shield optimization start from EUR 900.

Prototyping – Measurements and Quality

We support your “design-in” by manufacturing customer-specific prototypes from design to characterization. We assist you in all aspects of quality control and its required equipment for your production line.