magnetic system design and current measurement solutions

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We believe in a bright future. Our products and services are designed for e-mobility, energy efficiency and renewable energy, robotics and automation, and for smart and fail-safe position and current measurement. We specialize in magnetic system design and current measurement, connecting knowledge from physics, magnetic materials, sensor technologies, and engineering science with our background in industrial and automotive applications.

Company profile


We offer a wide range of soft ferromagnetic cores and shields as well as shunts and current sensor modules that we sell and distribute world-wide. We are among the top five core and shield suppliers for automotive current sensing applications and have a large customer base in the automotive and industrial sector.

We develop and maintain technologies for high-speed, high-power, and high-performance applications. Our technologies include stacked and wound laminations made of various ferromagnetic materials, including amorphous metals. We develop proprietary solutions and intellectual property in the field of magnetic and current sensors, giving our customers a significant competitive advantage.


We support you during the design and implementation phase and help you to bridge the gaps from magnetics to electronics and from top-level requirements to concrete and implementable solutions. We design and manufacture customer-specific soft ferromagnetic cores and shields, customer-specific shunts, busbar assemblies, and sensor modules.

We help to design and optimize your sensor system solution and help you to find the best trade-off with respect to performance and cost, by using finite element modeling (FEM) and experimental methods alike. Our services include feasibility studies and prototyping to validate your solution. We support product design and manufacturing of sensor modules including magnetic sensors, cores and shields, shunts, busbar assemblies, terminals, battery clamps, pressfit contacts, and packaging (injection molding).