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10[mm] Clamp-On Non-Intrusive Magnetic Field Concentrator

The CO-10-SF magnetic field concentrator, is designed for non-intrusive and isolated measurement of electric currents. Thanks to the Clamp-On design, the contact- less current sensor can be safely installed without the need to interrupt or cut the cable.


The CO-10-SF comprises a soft ferromagnetic shield featuring superior material characteristics such as high linearity and very low hysteresis. Applications include DC and AC current sensing up to 30 kHz, motor control, battery monitoring, charge control, white goods,and many more.

CO-10-SF can be paired with any planar magnetic field sensor such as Melexis IMC-Hall® or any GMR/TMR sensor, to create an open loop current measurement system able to measure currents up to ±200 A.

Thanks to its hollow bottom design, CO-10-SF enables the direct housing of a planar current sensor and its capacitors underneath, thus allowing for a compact and space-saving solution.

CO-10-SF can be directly soldered to the PCB thanks to its 4 through-hole pins, granting a robust and secure hold.



• RoHS compliant
• Low hysteresis
• High Permeability
• Hall-Sensor Measurement
• High Linearity up to 200 A
• Temperature Range: 10 to 120 °C • DC and AC compatible



• Snap-Fit installation
• Non intrusive sensing
• Small Size, Lightweight • Excellent output linearity • Planar PCB installation



• IoT
• Industrial
• E-metering
• Photovoltaic


Module Overview



Magnetic material specifications

Table 1: Magnetic material specifications

Parameter Min.           Typ.           Max.  Unit
Relative Permeability –           100000            – a.u.
Initial Relative Permeability –             7000              – a.u.
Saturation Flux Density –                  1                 – T
Hysteresis –                2.8               – A/m
Curie Temperature –               1450             – °C

1Based on material manufacturer specification


Plastic material specifications

Table 2: Plastic material specifications

Parameter       Typ.      Unit
Material Glass reinforced PA6
Glass-Fiber content 15 %
Min. usage temperature 10 °C
Max. usage temperature 120 °C

1Based on material manufacturer specification



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