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Accurate current sensing for better battery management
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Robotics and Automation
Robotics and automated manufacturing are boosting
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Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
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We believe in a bright future. We use our expertise in magnetic system design and current sensing to develop the right technologies and products for e-mobility, energy efficiency, renewable energy, robotics and automation, and for reliable and fail-safe position and current sensing.
Lisle, Ill. – CTS Corporation (NYSE: CTS) recently announced the acquisition of maglab AG, a privately held magnetic system design and current measurement solution provider.
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The accurate determination of the travel range of hybrid and electric vehicles (HEV, EV) depends on the battery capacity, state-of-charge, and the vehicle’s energy consumption. All parameters are monitored using current sensors based on our shunt resistors and magnetic sensors in conjunction with our magnetic cores and shields. Additionally we developed proprietary technologies for the safe and highly efficient operation of the electrical engine. Hence, our products and knowledge help you to travel more safely and more conveniently.

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Renewable Energy

Using energy wisely and producing electrical power from renewable sources ultimately translates into a cleaner and greener place to live. Our products and technologies are the key to measure power consumption accurately and help using the available energy efficiently, be it at home, in the car, at the workplace, or in the cloud. But not only! We develop products that are needed for energy conversion and power inverters to bring solar power and wind power all the way to you. In summary, we bring you electrical power and help you to use it efficiently.

Robotics and Automation

Robotics and automated manufacturing are boosting factors for the economy and beneficial for all of us. Robotics are serving us from medical surgery to automated warehouses. We at maglab have developed proprietary solutions for the efficient control of electric drives and for fail-safe position measurement. This helps to achieve more accurate, more reliable, and safer position control while keeping power consumption low.

Smart and Failsafe Systems

Your expectations and requirements for the reliability, fail-safe operation, and up-time of complex systems are ever rising. Therefore, we have developed powerful and proprietary methodologies for accurate and fail-safe position sensing and current sensing. Our smart designs and algorithms use redundancies intelligently and give you trustable information even under harsh and unexpected conditions.

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