magnetic system design and current measurement solutions

new products 2022

📣 More news at Maglab! We are happy to announce the launch of 2 more new products. 📣

These are our new analog open loop current sensor modules, designed for non-intrusive and isolated measurement of electric currents: CO-04-SF-A and CO-10-SF-A.

The modules consist of a PCB including a planar current sensor, our CO-SF Clamp-On shield and the necessary components to install and operate.

🎯 They can be used for IoT, industrial, e-metering and photovoltaic applications.

✔️ Key features: High linearity, high permeability, low hysteresis, low offset drift, low sensitivity drift.

✔️ Advantages: Snap-fit installation, excellent output linearity, small size and lightweight. Compatible with planar sensors such as MELEXIS IMC technology.