The P-­chamber is a soft ferromagnetic shield featuring superior material characteristics such as high linearity, very low hysteresis, and high magnetic permeability.


The chamber is designed for protecting sensitive circuits from unwanted parasitic magnetic fields. Applications include power inverters, magnetic sensors, magnetic immunity, and EMI.

Magnetic Characteristics

Parameter Typical Value Unit
Relative Permeability 100.000 a.u.
Initial Relative Permeability 7000 a.u.
Saturation Flux Density 1 T
Hysteresis 2.8 A/m
Curie Temperature 450 degC


(all dimensions: mm)

Chamber Specification¹ P-[D]- -[H]­- -[T]-­­ -di
P-­14-­14-­0.5 (order code example) D=14 H=14 T=0.5 di=2

¹ Standard version contains 48% Ni; others on request